Mortgage Brokers: How Do They Get Paid?

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A lot of brokers receive their payment through the use of commissions. This refers to the fact that with each successfully completed mortgage on behalf of their clients, the broker receives a commission from the lending party. Fees may also be charged by the broker for arranging and advising the mortgage depending on each situation individually. This may translate to a percentage of the amount of the loan or a fixed fee.  A lot of such brokers that we are in business with are paid when they arrange the mortgage for you and where they fail they are not compensated in turn. These professionals will assist in giving a clearer picture of their fees from your first interaction with them.

What are such independent mortgage brokers paid?

Their payment is based on different models, where certain brokers are employed receiving commissions, salaries and work benefits while others are self-employed individuals. The amount they receive is dependent upon various factors inclusive of whether they are independent, the size of the loan, other products in line with the mortgage, inclusive of life insurance. The independent mortgage brokers fees in this regard will be different for different brokers and firms we are in business with.  For example, a 1% commission rate on a £300,000 mortgage translates to £3000 for the broker.

Certain brokers charge an initial fee which is different in line with the skill and experience of the advisor and how complex your case is. A normal charge by such a broker may amount to anywhere between £200 to £600. Where an agreement of mortgage is successfully offered, a further payment may also be charged, known as a fee of success, being fixed or percentage-based in nature.

Should the advisor be paid directly?

No, it is not vital to do to where the fee of a broker is made part of the mortgage, their fee is given to the lender who transfers the fee to the advisor and their commission as well. For the other fees which have been highlighted above, these are given directly to the company of the broker and must be declared in writing. Any questions regarding the payment of fees should be made to the compliance department of the company.

It is important to be clear on how the broker is paid and as such a detailed breakdown of the costs can be requested of such professionals to ensure that you are aware of why you are paying what you pay for.

Are such brokers able to provide lending services?

It is important to be clear on the fact that such brokers are advisors and not lenders. Thus they cannot fund any sort of loan. They are experts whose knowledge is valuable to you to find the best rates and lenders within the market. Such professionals possess a treasure trove of knowledge in this regard, and thus they must be approached for their advice. However, they do not provide lending services.   

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