Guide 101: How to Secure a Mortgage

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Painting and showcasing our credit history in the best light possible is imperative for buying our dream house. There are various intricate facts and procedures that go into securing a mortgage, as they aren’t merely handed out to people without a thorough examination and comprehensive analysis, as logically each lender decides to safeguard themselves from […]

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A mortgage in London – How to Procure the Best Possible Lender

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Attaining a great deal on a mortgage is about more than just making comparisons or displaying your credit score. In fact, mortgage in London determines all the factors that not only qualify your application but also marking what interest rate you will pay. The mortgage rate can vary from several different factors that determine how […]

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Free Mortgage Brokers: All the Benefits You Can Have

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Mortgage Brokers: Overview When searching for a home, many buyers enlist the help of a free mortgage broker to find them the best rate and terms of the market. However, as a consequence of the 2008 real estate market crash, the business practices of brokers have come under scrutiny. The questions about how they serve […]

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7 Free Mortgage Advice for First Time Home Buyers

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When it comes to the mortgage for first time home buyers, there is an avalanche of advice both good and bad while some are great. The type of wisdom that makes you feel great to hear sticks with you for the rest of your life. Same is the case with having a bit of great  […]

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9 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Broker

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Looking to buy a home in North London? Dealing with pre-mortgage anxiety (yes, that’s a thing for some)? Then a mortgage broker in North London is exactly who you need. Working with an experienced mortgage broker can ensure that you’re being recommended the best mortgage deal for your specific situation. These individuals aren’t just responsible […]

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The Worst Home Mortgage Advice You Hear And What To Do Instead

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Is your house a beloved mansion of peace and tranquility? Or is it the exact opposite? The answer to this question might depend on your mortgage. Getting an affordable property of your choice at a great price can make you feel as if life is sweet. However, this whole mortgage deal is a trick or […]

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6 MYTH’s BUSTED! Mortgage Brokers v. Mortgage Bankers

September 3, 2019 by in category Mortgage News tagged as , ,

Recently it has been observed that some people have fallaciously started to believe that mortgage bankers are considerably a better option than good old mortgage brokers when it comes to dealing with estate finance. That is why it has become so indispensable to bust such myths and reveal truth to the people. Myth No. 1: […]

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6 Tips for Getting a Mortgage When Building Your Home

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Dreaming about a new abode is not as easy as you think.  It’s one of the most challenging experiences with many hidden risks as address; it is going to be the largest investment of your life. This leads to another noteworthy point that purchasing a home involves so many crucial steps that if one goes […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Mortgage Broker

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A lot of people go crazy with the idea of using a mortgage broker because they believe they will have to overspend their funds but there’s always one case you can’t get over. Along with the expenditure of funds comes a commission that even if you want to dismiss this one, you can’t- it’s mandatory […]

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Considerations on the Mortgage Term.

July 5, 2019 by in category Mortgage News

The length of the mortgage term affects the amount of interest you pay over the term of the mortgage. The increasing availability of 40-year mortgage terms could help more borrowers reduce their monthly repayments – but it could also mean paying more interest. According to Moneyfacts more than half of all residential mortgage deals on […]

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