Can Good Mortgage Advice Could Save You Thousands?

Good Mortgage Advice Could Save You Thousands

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The mortgage advice London industry is a lucrative one. It is estimate that the industry will grow by 40% over the next few years. That’s why it pays to be inform about the best ways to get a mortgage.

The good news is that some excellent mortgage advisers in London.

Like David Sellar of London Mortgage Advice Ltd, can help you get on track with your finances and avoid any potential pitfalls.

These professionals can provide you with all the advice, guidance.

And support you need, so if you’re looking for help with your mortgage, visit one of these brokers today!

Let’s hypothetically consider if you could reduce your mortgage repayments by just £20 per month spread over 25 years.

This would total £6000 that has remained in your pocket.

Which I am sure you will agree is a substantial amount.

If you think it is worth 5 minutes of your time, then read on!

Not All Mortgage Advice is Equal

The type of mortgage advisor you speak to can make a BIG difference.

Some London mortgage advisors can only place mortgage applications.

With a limited number of lenders, whilst others have access to the ‘whole market’.

So what does this actually mean? Well, a ‘whole of market advisor has a much larger choice of lenders.

And products to look at for you, which means they are more likely to save you money!

Finding A Good Mortgage Advisor

Finding a good whole of market mortgage advisor will have massive benefits.

Because he/she will have your best interests as their priority.

The chances are you will recommend them to friends & family and remortgage in a couple of years. So everybody is on the same side.

Good Advice Is ‘Fee Free’

Most independent mortgage advisers are happy to provide advice on a ‘fee-free’ basis.

So what does this actually mean? Well they still get paid as nobody works for free.

But they get paid by the lender for placing the mortgage application!

Is Fixed Fee Advice better?

You may prefer paying your mortgage broker a fixed fee.

And they give you what the lender pays them for placing the mortgage.

This is known as ‘independent advice,’ and there is no clear answer if this is better. It would be best if you talked through the options with your advisor.

This article is not intend and does not in any way provide advice. If you require professional Independent, whole-of-market mortgage advice.

You must speak to a qualified London mortgage broker like David Sellar of London Mortgage Advice Ltd.