9 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Broker

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Looking to buy a home in North London? Dealing with pre-mortgage anxiety (yes, that’s a thing for some)? Then a mortgage broker in North London is exactly who you need.

Working with an experienced mortgage broker can ensure that you’re being recommended the best mortgage deal for your specific situation. These individuals aren’t just responsible for cracking the best rates for you. There’s much more they can do to ensure you get the most suitable deal for your circumstances.

Once you find the right potential mortgage broker, you need to ask them a few important questions to have a clear picture of what they aim for you and how are you going to go about the complete process. Use the following nine questions to learn all you can about this experience.

#01 – What type of mortgage is best for me?

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the differences between discount mortgages, fixed-rate mortgages, or tracker mortgages, a mortgage broker can briefly explain this to you and help you choose the option that is likely to be the most suitable.

#02 – How much fees are associated with this loan?

Most loans have one-time fees, often called “points,” and these fees are due at closing of the loan. If you’re opting for a lower interest rate, you may want to consider paying these “points” upfront.

#03 – What are the requirements of down payment?

Different loans have different levels of down payment. Ask your mortgage broker to brief you on this. He will guide you about the down payments requirement depending on your loan type. 

#04 – How the timeline for this loan looks?

Timing is the trickiest deal when it comes to real estate. The seller has his own timeline, and you have a timeline of yours as well. Finding a lender who is okay to be flexible on timing can make your mortgage transaction procedure much smoother.

#05 – What about the payment penalties?

Ask your mortgage advice service to tell you if there’ll be enough flexibility for a real estate investor so they can take advantage of interesting projects in the future. This will brief you about the possible penalties (if there are any) for paying off your loan early. Whatever the case, keep all of your options open.

#06 – What will be the monthly mortgage payment?

Be specific and direct with your questions. The monthly mortgage payment consists of more than just principal and interest on the loan. It may also include taxes and insurance on the property. Inquire carefully about how much money you will have to pay monthly. Your mortgage broker will calculate it for you. 

#07 – What is the interest rate?

Interest rates depend on many factors, including the current market, the mortgage balance, your credit, and the loan term. Talk about how to improve your credit score so you can lower your interest rate.

#08 – How much time is required for him to fund?

21 and 45 days are usually required to process a loan. Find out how long your mortgage approval is going to take if you work with him.

#09 – Do you ensure on-time closing?

Closing your transaction on time is very crucial. If this doesn’t happen, it can cost you many foreseen issues. Make sure he’s able enough to close the deal on time.